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Order - The forester's rifle stick. Goods and services

The perfect personal gift for a hunter - Gifts for the deer stalker Laserengraved initials and roe buck drawn by Truls Wiberg

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You can phone directly to the workshop and order, +46 72 2 199 288

I am sorry to inform my customers in GB that I will wait and see how Brexit
will work before I can sell and deliver to you :-( 

You are also welcome to send your request with  info(at)      

If you would like personal service, please contact us Monday - Friday 8 - 16 UTC+1.

Remember to consider the following questions:

  1. Witch model and colour do you want?
  2. Which length do you want the rifle stick to have?
  3. Do you shoot from your right or left shoulder?
  4. Should it be engraved? With initials, roebuck etc.
  5. Do you need anything else like a sling?
  6. Do you want to have the goods delivered  or are you collecting it here?

Rifle stick for left handed
If we do not here anything else your rifle stick will be made for someone who shoots from their right shoulder.
Please remember to specify if you shoot from your left shoulder.
You will then have a rifle stick that is easier to open with your right hand.

The forester's rifle stick - a gift for a hunter 
Here you can get the perfect gift for the hunter who thought he or she had everything! 
Please order as soon as possible to assure that gifts can be delivered in time.

Gift card

The best choice you can do for the climate is to choose products made out of wood!

The standard colour is Mahogany or dark green. You can also get a camouflage pattern for 
14£ extra (1
). Left: to be used with your right hand. Right: to be used with your left hand..

 Model Bipod - The Forester's rifle stick Bipod - The Forester's rifle stick Monopod - walking stick
 Species of
Ash Ash Ash
 Length, cm All Max. 125 cm. All
 Length, in All Max. 49.21in. All
 Colour All colours, 
see colour chart
All colours, 
see colour chart
All colours, 
see colour chart
  GBP  £  179 161 from 72
  EUR  € 198 179 from 79

Please notice that all orders has to be paid in advance.

Please contact us for information on cost for freight.
You are also of course welcome to collect your goods here after appointment.

  Freight Package Freight in all
  UK, GBP  £  80> 9 89>
 IRELAND, EUR  € 90> 10 100>
 BELGIUM € 80>  10 90>
 SPAIN € 90> 10 100>

You can save money by ordering several rifle stick to be sent in the same package.

Personalize with initials, mark or coat-of-arms.

 Engraving, ordinary

Initials  Date  Year  Text pr. letter
  GBP  £  5 5 5 1
  EUR  € 5 5 5 1

 Laser engraving

Initials, roebuck, boar Chamois, mufflon, woodcock

£ 63    € 69

Drawing, mark, logo Coat-of-arms Ask for an offer
Line engraving  £ 63    € 69      

It costs the same, if you order the laserengraved initials with or without my drawings (roebuck, boar, Chamois, mufflon or woodcock).Monopod rifle stick with a pice of a moose antler at the top

The rifle stick sling
is used when dragging a deer etc. or as support to wooden bipod. The sling is for the moment only available in green webbing.

 Protective cylinder in 13 mm (0,51 in.)
 grey plastic
 foam. Length up to 200 cm. (78,74 in.)
 Included in package when sent by

 GBP  £   7
 EUR   €   8
The rifle stick is fully protected in the foam cylinder /
 Heavy sling in green cotton with a loop for the bipod. 
 Also used for transport of a  deer. Also used as
 the third  leg together with the rifle stick.
 Can be ordered with a brass snap hook, to be
 used as a combined strap and dog leash.

 Webbing  25 mm x 4 mm.  (0,98 x 0,16 in.)
 Length 2,3 m.    (Length 7,55 ft.) 


 GBP  £   14
 EUR   €   15

 For initials add  £  5     € 5 

 For mounting a snap hook  add  £9   € 10   

 Strap or sling with a loop and brass snap hook The sling can be useful /
The sling is always at hand in the pocket / Dragging the roe deer out to the road / skydestok.dkSling as the third leg /

for care and mending
Laser engraving
Freight will be added.

Care set

Rubber repair set
 3/4 l. Junkers  Rustik oil for surface
 maintenance (1,31 pt)
 50 ml. Stock oil for the bolt (1,75 fl oz)
 1 can Vaseline
 2 rubber patches
 1 tube of contact glue


  GBP  £                            Day price

   Day price

  EUR  €                            Day price

   Day price

The workshop
, coating, renovation and reparations
Also a rifle stick will over the years be used and worn down. In the workshop you can extend the life of the bipod. Freight will be added.

Recoating Renovation Reparations
 The surface is grinded
 and it is  recoated
 with  Junckers Rustik oil. 
 Rubber, bolt, split pin and
 magnets are checked and are
 renewed if necessarily.
 The surface is grinded, mended,
 restained  and recoated.
 The staining result can differ to
 some extent from the original
 Everything from
 mending to  severe
 damages as crack and  split.
  GBP  £         52 Ask for an offer
  EUR  €        39 58  

All prices are based upon the Swedish price list and the Swedish krona (SEK). The prices will follow the exchange.A very long rifle stick - 191 cm. or 6' 2"
The Swedish price list is valid until further notice. Changes in in the cost for package, freight and engraving can occure.

Swedish VAT is included in all prices.

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