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Terms of delivery and warranty

To make you feel comfortable in trading with us we follow the terms below

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If you wish to order, please contact us on the telephone or send us an e-mail. Please remember to writhe your name and full address, telephone number  and e-mail address. The goods will be sent to you unless you you prefer to collect it at the workshop.

Remember to give us the length in centimetres.  The best length is usually the distance from the ground to your nose. Choose a colour. At last you can have engravings and accessories. Because it is handicraft there will be  some waiting time after you placed your order.

When we have received your order, we send you a confirmation. Please check that everything is correct. If we do not hear from you the order will be transferred to production.

Time of delivery is nomally: 3 - 4 weeks. In case of laser engraving the time of delivery is prolonged.

Standard goods
Our standard rifle stick is made of ash  and between 155 and 175 cm. and with a diameter of 28 mm. It is also stained in Mahogany or dark green.

There are several possibilities to have your stick personalized. See Choose and Order.

You have the right to regret your purchase within 14 days from the day you received the standard rifle stick. However, if you have ordered a personalized version you can only return the rifle stick if it is defect. The goods have to be returned in its original package thoroughly closed. The customer pays for the return freight. The value of the goods will be payed back as soon we receive the items. Clearance sale goods can not be regretted.

We sell our goods in accordance with the Swedish Sale of Goods Act. If you encounter a fault with the delivered goods you are supposed to contact us without delay. 
There is no warranty for clearance sale goods.  
We give you two years of warranty for faults due to material or production deficiencies. There is no warranty for wear and tear or for damages caused by overload and / or mistreatment.

In the workshop you can have your stick repaired or recoated after the warranty period has expired. 

Deliverance or collecting?
We send your purchase normally with Schenker or for small items with the postal service. You are always welcome to collect the goods at our workshop after an appointment has been made.

The goods has to be paid in advance to our account in Handelsbanken. After we have received your order we send you an invoice with the bank account number. 
Please remember that the customer pays for his or her own bank transfer costs.

We use a thick foam cylinder to protect your rifle stick. You can with advantage keep the foam cylinder for protection in your car or for other transportation.

The customer pays for all freight expenses with exception for goods returned to the customer after a warranty repair. 

When receiving the goods please check it for damages. It is important that you immediately complain to the deliverer in case of damages. You must also remember to make a remark on the receipt! Please remember to inform us as well.

Limited liability
It is the user's personal responsibility that the rifle stick is used with care and cautiosness. The rifle stick is made of wood witch is a natural material. Wood can split or crack when used. On hard or slippery ground the legs can slip. You must always be cautious when you shoot, move or in any other way use the rifle stick. 


Fortunately it is seldom that something goes wrong, therefore I dare to tell you about the events that customers should preferably be without!

There was no damaged goods in 2006. We had recieved one complaint due to a missing engraving and we had polished two rifle sticks for another customer, where the surface was a little bit rough. 

2007: A lost magnet has been replaced. An ordered compas was forgotten. A rifle stick was chewed to pieces when a postman wrongly delivered the goods within reach of the receiver's dog. A new rifle stick was delivered. A package was destoyed on its way to the customer, who got a new rifle stick from us.

2008: During transport a sharp object of unknown origin penetrated a package and slightly damaged the rifle stick. The Customer has got a new one from us. Yet another rifle stick has been damaged on its way to the customer, who has got a new one.

2009: No complaints in the first half of 2009! A shooting stick on the way to Austria was several days late because of an oversight by the transport company GLS. A forgotten ordered engraving and a sling was delivered afterwards.  

2010:An invoice was submitted with the wrong currency denomination. The misunderstanding has been resolved. An engraving became wrong and this contributed to severe delay of the delivery. A customer got a new stick since the first has been skewed.

2011: The production has been very delyed in 2011. In 2012 we expect 3-4 weeks for delivery.
A customer who bought his rifle stick in 2006 has asked for a magnet repair set as the rifle stick had lost its magnets. Today we use a better technique.

2012: A rifle stick was destroyed on its way to Germany. The customer has got a new one. A hand engraving was forgotten - the customer has got compensation. One stick was made for the wrong hand- the customer has been compensated.

2013-2015: Two customers with rifle sticks from the first production in 2006 have asked for new magnets.

2015: Due to a heavy workload there have been delay in delivery during the spring. One rifle stick got a wrong colour. One customer from 2006 has got a pair of magnets.
A package was one week delayed as I wrote a wrong number in the address.

2016-2018: Three different customers has got a bolt, a magnet replaced and had new rubber linings. In 2017 there has been delays due to my other work. 

2019-2021: The worst that has happened was a delivery to Stockholm where the package circulated for 35 days before it was returned to me. After I had written the correct adress it took just two days to deliver.

Personal data
Our company does not save other digital information about our customers in our accounting system than name and invoice number. E-mail addresses are kept in our E-mail program. We save the accounts with invoices on paper for at least 7 years as required by law with name and addresses included. Information is not shared or sold to any one else. Furthermore the customer is entitled to know what the company has registered and the right to have this changed or removed. The registry administrator is Truls Wiberg who can be contacted at info(a) 

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