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Care - Forester's rifle stick

Maintenance and care of the wooden bipod

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The rifle stick is made of stained  ash. The coating consists of hardened oil. If you have been out in the rain you ought to clean the bipod with a cloth and place it indoors over night. It is then preferable to let the stick lie flat down with closed legs. If the surface after long wear becomes scratched and dull you can carefully polish the surface  with fine graded sandpaper and then give it a few thin layers of Junkers Rustik oil. The surface will then continue to be beautiful and water resistant. Please add a few drops of stock oil on the bolt and the split pin twice a year.

When not in use place the bipod with closed legs  somewhere cold and with suitable moisture in the air. Like, in the scullery or garage, in the attic or at the hunting cottage. Places where the central heating does not dry the wood too much. 

Be careful not to leave or forget the stick for a longer period of time stuck in the ground or where it is a high humidity or very warm and dry.

Maintenance and mending is easily done

The surface of the wooden bipod is coated with many thin layers of oil that hardens into a glossy and smooth surface that repels water. The surface is slowly worn down and need to bee recoated.

Surface: Grind softly with fine sandpaper (No. 240) and clean it with a cloth. Afterwards you will paint with a few thin layers of Junckers Rustik oil. Do not paint over the bolt or the rubber patches. The spike's that are in contact with the soil are worn most. When needed, you clean and grind the spike's with sandpaper. You ought to put some wood preservative fluid onto the cleaned area to prevent the wood from breakdown, before you stain them. At last, paint with four thin layers of Rustik oil.

Laser engraving's: To preserve the engraving you have to be careful not to place or rub the engraving against any sharp or hard object. Use the protective foam cylinder in the car for example. Paint the engraving once in a while with Junckers Rustik oil.

Bolt and pin split: Give it a few drops of stock oil twice a year.

Rubber patches: Remove glue residents. Apply a thin layer of contact glue on both rubber and wooden fork. Let dry for 10 minutes until the surface is dry. Replace the rubber patches, one at a time, and press hard. Let the glue dry and harden for 24 hours.

Creaking: If there are creaking sounds, give the bolt a few drops of stock oil and open and close the bipod a few times. Let the rifle stick rest over night. You can also open the stick 90° and put some Vaseline on the surfaces close to the bolt.

Magnets: Should a magnet most unlikely get lose from the stick, you can if necessarily clean the hole with a 6 mm wooden drill. Be careful not to make the hole wider or deeper. You will have to use a rapid two component epoxy glue because of the very strong magnets. Be careful to replace the magnet correctly!

If you are encountering an another problem, please contact us and get a good advise.

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